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Core Competitiveness

Industrial advantage

Under China’s high- pressure environmental protection policy, many fabric mills have been shut down due to environmental issues. Guangdong Province of China is the frontier base of R&D and major production base of Chinese denim fabrics. We are located in Xiqiao Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, where attracts and gathers around various talents in the textile industry as well as suppliers resources. It is the New center for the development and production of textile fabrics.

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Following the fashion market is constantly changing in China and even the Worldwide; it seems to come faster and faster. The traditional trade mode “Make to order” is not satisfied to the fast fashion market.

Through the cooperation relationship between the supply chains for information sharing to grasp the latest market trends and popularity of products in different markets, increased the “Make to Stock” mode to meet the Fast order.

Production Capacity

SEAZON, is a well-known denim fabric manufacturer in China. It owns one-stop denim production line in house, including rope dyed with 3 lines and slash dyed with 12 lines, with a dyeing capacity up to 15 million meters per month. There are 630 units of OP MAX weaving machines, including wider machine in 2.3 meter of 400 units, which can produce high-elastic fabric in wider width; The finishing
machine we can do in desizing, Bio-Treatment(can achieve in high elastic but less shrinkage ), mercerization, and printing. The overall fabric production capacity is up to 7 million meters per month. With strong production equipment and industral background, SEAZON can ensure the production with fast lead time and stable quality.

Weaving Workshop Seazon Textile
Mercerizing Machine SEAZON Textile

Integration of global supply chain

The biggest component of fabrics is yarn, but simply using Chinese cotton yarns will weaken the international competitiveness of our fabric costs. Therefore, we also introduced high quality yarns from different producing areas such as Pakistan, India, Vietnam and Taiwan through trade functions. Then we combine Chinese own advantages of industrial chain, including different weft yarns (which can make different levels of elasticity), different slub yarns, a variety of different colors and unique hand feeling (mature finishing technique) to create the innovative and unique high-quality commercial fabrics, then to enhance our International competitiveness of the products in the market.


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