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Grün & Nachhaltig

We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.

Sustainable Raw Materials

Sustainability is in our DNA, it is an inherent part of SEAZON DENIM. Our commitment to the planet is materialized in our choice of raw materials.

We care for the environment and advocate the use of sustainable fibers in our production, like organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton, recycled polyester regenerated fibers and many more.

Environmental and Safety Commitments

SEAZON has been focusing on the issues of the environment since the inception. In our opinion the awareness of environment protection should be implanted in all parts of the process. From materials to finishes. If every part successds in achieving some small goal of emission reduction or energy conservation, we will see a substantive leap in the fashion industry’s contribution to environmental protection.

Water Saving

Significant recycling of steam and water in finishing: installed steam recycling system into the finishing equipment, and through the recycled system, by turning it back to production, we can save steam and water around 30%~40%.

Reclaimed water recycling system, frequency conversion technology, and our PSSE system save up to 50% of water usage and 30% o eclectricity consumption. The introduction of Novozyme’s bio-enzyme finishing technology allows us to conduct a deep processiong treatment of fabrics. The raw materials it uses are acid-free, alkali-free, and save 30% of water consmption.

10000 Tons/year

Biological Processing System , applies Novozymes biological enzyme treatment , which is Acid-free , Alkali-free , and requires much less water consumption , reduced water consumption about 10000 tons/year.

270,000 Tons/Year

Recovering Steam condensate and cooling water to save 270,000 tons of water every year.

455,000 Tons/Year

Intelligent Waste-Water Recyling System. Processing 455,000 tons per year of waste water . Through biological treatment , more than 80% of waste-water can be reused in production.

Electricity saving

Seazon denim mill solar energy system

30,000 Tons/year

Invested solar power system in 2015, it can generate more than 10.8 million KWH power of clean energy per year. Solar power system saves enterprises 20% of electricity consumption and reduces CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons/year.

35,000 Tons/Year

Replacing traditional indstrial coal with natural gas, saving 12,500 tons of coal per year, and reducing CO2 emissions by 35,000 tons per year.

Sustainability in Action

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